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The CRC completed its work and submitted its final report. This website is maintained for archival purposes.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission

PUB 700593: Grandparent Rights by Deborah Steele



Grandparents should be allowed to have visitation of their grandchildren.  They should be allowed to have the opportunity to participate in their grandchilds school events, same as the public does.  Visitation should be at least once a month, possibly a weekend.  The schedule for the visitation should be consistant if all parties agree or flexible if circumstances should arise, agreed by all parties. Parents that fail to participate will get violations, fined. Grandchildren need a grandparents voice and to be able to keep the family tree strong and supporting love.  If the grandchildren is at the age 16 they should be able to make their own choices to see their family, the grandparents and other relatives.