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The CRC completed its work and submitted its final report. This website is maintained for archival purposes.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission

PUB 700300: To Create a Tax That Addresses Issues in Florida by Carlos Gamez


Catchline: Opportunity Tax

In order to address the many problems that face the State of Florida, which includes but is not limited to homelessness, energy consumption, crime, etc. The people of the State of Florida hereby creates a 1% tax entitled "Opportunity Tax" pursuant to Article VII. The following shall be the guideline for this tax:

  1. PROGRAM. The money appropiated pursuant to this section shall be used to fund a comprehensive program which shall be used to approach and harness the issues facing the State of Florida. This program shall include, at a minimum, the following components, and may contain additional components as perscribed by Legislature upon 2/3 approval:

    (1)  The tax shall be included on all products in which are allowed by Florida Statute and herein. The tax shall be appropiated only to that fiscal year. The type of products that are deemed taxable for this tax can be amended by Legislature as nessecary.

    (2)   The issue(s) that will be addressed with this tax shall be chosen by approval of joint resolution by the legislature and shall be taken in effect for the preceeding year.

    (3)   This tax shall not benefit a specific party nor a specific objective.

    (3b)  If it is found in this manner the appropiated money shall be redirected to General Funding.

    (4)   The funds for this tax shall be held in a seperate account within the Department of Treasury.

    (5)   The funds shall be allowed to go to a charitable organization if and only if issue is conferred.

    (6) The legislature shall have until the 2020 legislative session to amend Florida Statute and create provisions on the tax and program.

    (b)  EFFECTIVE DATE. The effective date of this section and all sections and statutes that relate to it is January 1, 2021.