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The CRC completed its work and submitted its final report. This website is maintained for archival purposes.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission

PUB 700109: To Amend Article VI by Jeremy Jones

ARTICLE VI: SUFFRAGE AND ELECTIONS, Section 4. Disqualifications.

SECTION 4.Disqualifications.
  1. No person convicted of a felony, or adjudicated in this or any other state to be mentally incompetent, shall be qualified to vote or hold office until restoration of civil rights or removal of disability. Except as provided in subsection (b), any disqualification from voting arising from a felony conviction shall terminate and voting rights shall be automatically restored upon completion of sentence.
  2. No person convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense shall be qualified to vote until restoration of civil rights.
  3. No person may appear on the ballot for re-election to any of the following offices:
    1. Florida representative,
    2. Florida senator,
    3. Florida Lieutenant governor,
    4. any office of the Florida cabinet,
    5. U.S. Representative from Florida, or
    6. U.S. Senator from Florida

    if, by the end of the current term of office, the person will have served (or, but for resignation, would have served) in that office for eight consecutive years.


Catchline: Recall of Elected Officials
  1. All elected public officials in the state, except judicial officers, are subject to recall by the voters of the state or political subdivision from which elected, upon petition of qualified electors, reciting that such official has committed some act or acts of malfesance or misfeasance while in office,hereinafter provided,it is equal in number to twenty five percent of votes cast for all candidates for his/her said office to which he/she was elected at the preceding election, is filed with the officer with whom a petition for nomination, or certificate for nomination, to such office must be filed under the laws of this state, and the same officer shall call a special election as provided by the general election laws of this state, and the result determined as therein provided.
  2. The legislature shall pass the necessary laws to carry out the provisions of this section.