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Florida Constitution Revision Commission

Commissioner Don Gaetz

Appointed by President

Proposals Introduced

  • P 0008 JUDICIARY, Eligibility; age increase; Vacancies; confirmation
    Last Action: 11/21/2017 Withdrawn from further consideration
  • P 0010 EDUCATION, Civic literacy in public education
    Last Action: 2/1/2018 Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
  • P 0014 EXECUTIVE, Secretary of State
    Last Action: 1/15/2018 Unfavorable by Executive, laid on Table; YEAS 2 NAYS 4
  • P 0017 MISCELLANEOUS, Homestead; exemptions
    Last Action: 1/15/2018 Unfavorable by Finance and Taxation, laid on Table; YEAS 1 NAYS 3
  • P 0039 GENERAL PROVISIONS, Ethics in government; representation for compensation; code of ethics; JUDICIARY, Ethics in the judiciary; prohibited activities
    Last Action: 2/1/2018 Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading

Proposals Co-Introduced

  • P 0001 JUDICIARY, Eligibility; age increase
    Last Action: 1/17/2018 Withdrawn from further consideration
  • P 0067 MISCELLANEOUS, Prohibition of wagering on greyhound or other dog races
    Last Action: 2/2/2018 Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
  • P 0088 DECLARATION OF RIGHTS, Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility Residents' Bill of Rights
    Last Action: 1/22/2018 Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
  • P 0091 GENERAL PROVISIONS, Natural resources and scenic beauty; prohibition on drilling for oil or natural gas in coastal waters
    Last Action: 1/31/2018 Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading

Biographical Information

Occupation: Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman (retired), VITAS Healthcare Corporation
City: Seaside (Walton County)

Commissioner Don Gaetz is the co-founder and retired vice chairman of VITAS Healthcare Corporation, the nation’s largest and leading provider of hospice care. His private sector experience includes senior management of multi-hospital systems and in-home health service companies. 

In 2016, Commissioner Gaetz completed 10 years as a state senator for Northwest Florida, including two years as President of the Florida Senate. Commissioner Gaetz was elected twice as Superintendent of Okaloosa Schools, the only non-educator to hold the position. He was the first Chairman of the Town Council of Seaside, Florida, where he and his wife, Victoria, reside. 

Commissioner Gaetz has been awarded numerous state and national honors for his achievements in education and health care and his public leadership. He serves on the boards of several charitable causes and business corporations.

Commissioner Gaetz earned a bachelor’s degree in religion and political science and a master’s in public administration. 

Commissioner Gaetz and Victoria Gaetz have two adult children:  Erin, an independent digital media producer and Matt, a member of the U.S. Congress representing Florida’s 1st Congressional District.