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The CRC completed its work and submitted its final report. This website is maintained for archival purposes.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission

PUB 700441: Define "Free Public Schools" by Steven J. Bracci

ARTICLE IX: EDUCATION, Section 4. School districts; school boards.

SECTION 4.School districts; school boards.
  1. Each county shall constitute the geographical boundary of aa school district; provided, there shall be three subdistricts within each district for elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, each with its own separate superintendent, and separate budgets.  two or more contiguous counties, upon vote of the electors of each county pursuant to law, may be combined into one school district. In each school district there shall be a school board composed of five or more members chosen by vote of the electors in a nonpartisan election for appropriately staggered terms of four years, as provided by law.
  2. The school board shall operate, control and supervise all free public schools within the school district and determine the rate of school district taxes within the limits prescribed herein. Two or more school districts may operate and finance joint educational programs.
  3. "Free public schools" shall mean teaching various core subjects as provided by law, including reading, writing, math, science, and American history, and other extracurricular activities occuring on public school property such as athletics, academic clubs, and performing arts.  "Free public schools" shall also include the school district's property and physical plant.
  4. "Free public schools" shall not include any for-profit activities.  All activities shall be revenue-neutral, and the School Boards shall provide evidence containing sufficient data and analysis to substantiate revenue neutrality for all such activities.
  5. Recognizing that the school board members are the elected representatives of the legislative arm of the school district, each school board member shall have the right to place policy items onto school board meeting agendas.

ARTICLE IX: EDUCATION, Section 5. Superintendent of schools.

SECTION 5.Superintendent of schools.

In each school subdistrict there shall be a superintendent of schools who shall be elected at the general election in each year the number of which is a multiple of four for a term of four years; or, when provided by resolution of the district school board, or by special law, approved by vote of the electors, the district school superintendent in any school subdistrict shall be employed by the district school board as provided by general law. The resolution or special law may be rescinded or repealed by either procedure after four years. Superintendents shall have a six (6) year term limit, and thereafter may not lobby the school district in which they served for two (2) years thereafter.