CRC - 2017                                                 P 103
       By Commissioner Nuñez
       nuezj-00103A-17                                        2017103__
    1                         A proposal to amend                       
    2         Section 3 of Article III of the State Constitution to
    3         provide that the Legislature convene for regular
    4         session on the second Tuesday after the first Monday
    5         in January of each even-numbered year.
    7  Be It Proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission of
    8  Florida:
   10         Section 3 of Article III of the State Constitution is
   11  amended to read:
   12                             ARTICLE III                           
   13                             LEGISLATURE                           
   14         SECTION 3. Sessions of the legislature.—
   15         (a) ORGANIZATION SESSIONS. On the fourteenth day following
   16  each general election the legislature shall convene for the
   17  exclusive purpose of organization and selection of officers.
   18         (b) REGULAR SESSIONS. A regular session of the legislature
   19  shall convene on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in
   20  March of each odd-numbered year, and on the second first Tuesday
   21  after the first Monday in January March, or such other date as
   22  may be fixed by law, of each even-numbered year.
   23         (c) SPECIAL SESSIONS.
   24         (1) The governor, by proclamation stating the purpose, may
   25  convene the legislature in special session during which only
   26  such legislative business may be transacted as is within the
   27  purview of the proclamation, or of a communication from the
   28  governor, or is introduced by consent of two-thirds of the
   29  membership of each house.
   30         (2) A special session of the legislature may be convened as
   31  provided by law.
   32         (d) LENGTH OF SESSIONS. A regular session of the
   33  legislature shall not exceed sixty consecutive days, and a
   34  special session shall not exceed twenty consecutive days, unless
   35  extended beyond such limit by a three-fifths vote of each house.
   36  During such an extension no new business may be taken up in
   37  either house without the consent of two-thirds of its
   38  membership.
   39         (e) ADJOURNMENT. Neither house shall adjourn for more than
   40  seventy-two consecutive hours except pursuant to concurrent
   41  resolution.
   42         (f) ADJOURNMENT BY GOVERNOR. If, during any regular or
   43  special session, the two houses cannot agree upon a time for
   44  adjournment, the governor may adjourn the session sine die or to
   45  any date within the period authorized for such session; provided
   46  that, at least twenty-four hours before adjourning the session,
   47  and while neither house is in recess, each house shall be given
   48  formal written notice of the governor’s intention to do so, and
   49  agreement reached within that period by both houses on a time
   50  for adjournment shall prevail.