CRC - 2017                                                  P 68
       By Commissioner Lee
       leet-00084-17                                           201768__
    1                         A proposal to amend                       
    2         Section 4 of Article IV of the State Constitution to
    3         revise the duties and responsibilities of the Chief
    4         Financial Officer.
    6  Be It Proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission of
    7  Florida:
    9         Section 4 of Article IV of the State Constitution is
   10  amended to read:
   11                             ARTICLE IV                            
   12                              EXECUTIVE                            
   13         SECTION 4. Cabinet.—
   14         (a) There shall be a cabinet composed of an attorney
   15  general, a chief financial officer, and a commissioner of
   16  agriculture. In addition to the powers and duties specified
   17  herein, they shall exercise such powers and perform such duties
   18  as may be prescribed by law. In the event of a tie vote of the
   19  governor and cabinet, the side on which the governor voted shall
   20  be deemed to prevail.
   21         (b) The attorney general shall be the chief state legal
   22  officer. There is created in the office of the attorney general
   23  the position of statewide prosecutor. The statewide prosecutor
   24  shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the state attorneys to
   25  prosecute violations of criminal laws occurring or having
   26  occurred, in two or more judicial circuits as part of a related
   27  transaction, or when any such offense is affecting or has
   28  affected two or more judicial circuits as provided by general
   29  law. The statewide prosecutor shall be appointed by the attorney
   30  general from not less than three persons nominated by the
   31  judicial nominating commission for the supreme court, or as
   32  otherwise provided by general law.
   33         (c) The chief financial officer shall serve as the chief
   34  fiscal officer of the state, and shall:
   35         (1) Settle and approve accounts against the state;, and
   36  shall
   37         (2) Keep all state funds and securities;
   38         (3) Participate as a principal in consensus economic,
   39  demographic, and revenue estimating conferences; and
   40         (4) Review and certify state contracts proposed by or on
   41  behalf of any state agency, entity, or officer of the executive
   42  branch as defined by general law, which require a payment or
   43  aggregate payments in excess of ten million dollars from funds
   44  appropriated to the state agency, entity, or officer before the
   45  execution of any such contract. The chief financial officer
   46  shall ensure that such a contract complies with state law as to
   47  its procurement and content and that any payments required to be
   48  made by the state agency, entity, or officer under the contract
   49  in any fiscal year do not exceed the amount appropriated for
   50  that fiscal year or the amount authorized by law for the purpose
   51  of the contract. The ten-million dollar threshold shall be
   52  adjusted by general law every four years to reflect the rate of
   53  inflation or deflation as indicated in the Consumer Price Index
   54  for All Urban Consumers, U.S. City Average, All Items, or a
   55  successor index as calculated by the United States Department of
   56  Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, or its successor agency.
   57         (d) The commissioner of agriculture shall have supervision
   58  of matters pertaining to agriculture except as otherwise
   59  provided by law.
   60         (e) The governor as chair, the chief financial officer, and
   61  the attorney general shall constitute the state board of
   62  administration, which shall succeed to all the power, control,
   63  and authority of the state board of administration established
   64  pursuant to Article IX, Section 16 of the Constitution of 1885,
   65  and which shall continue as a body at least for the life of
   66  Article XII, Section 9(c).
   67         (f) The governor as chair, the chief financial officer, the
   68  attorney general, and the commissioner of agriculture shall
   69  constitute the trustees of the internal improvement trust fund
   70  and the land acquisition trust fund as provided by law.
   71         (g) The governor as chair, the chief financial officer, the
   72  attorney general, and the commissioner of agriculture shall
   73  constitute the agency head of the Department of Law Enforcement.