CRC - 2017                                                  P 67
       By Commissioner Lee
       leet-00085-17                                           201767__
    1                        A proposal to create                       
    2         new sections in Article X and Article XII of the State
    3         Constitution to prohibit wagering on greyhound or
    4         other dog races on or after a specified date.
    6  Be It Proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission of
    7  Florida:
    9         A new section is added to Article X of the State
   10  Constitution to read:
   11                              ARTICLE X                            
   12                            MISCELLANEOUS                          
   13         Prohibition of wagering on greyhound or other dog races.—A
   14  person that is licensed to conduct gaming or pari-mutuel
   15  operations may not race greyhounds or any other member of the
   16  Canis Familiaris subspecies in connection with any wager for
   17  money or any other thing of value in this state. A person in
   18  this state may not wager any money or other thing of value on
   19  the outcome of a dog race. By general law, the legislature shall
   20  specify civil or criminal penalties for violations of this
   21  section and for activities that aide or abet violations.
   23         A new section is added to Article XII of the State
   24  Constitution to read:
   25                             ARTICLE XII                           
   26                              SCHEDULE                             
   27         Prohibition of wagering greyhound or other dog races.—The
   28  amendment to Article X, which prohibits wagering on greyhound
   29  and other dog races, and the creation of this section shall take
   30  effect upon the approval of the electors and applies to dog
   31  racing activities as provided in this section.
   32         (a) For the 2018-2019 state fiscal year, each greyhound
   33  permitholder is authorized the same number of racing days for
   34  which it was authorized in the 2017-2018 state fiscal year. The
   35  maximum number of authorized racing days for each permitholder
   36  is reduced by one-third in the 2019-2020 state fiscal year and
   37  two-thirds in the 2020-2021 state fiscal year, respectively. All
   38  dog racing in connection with any wager for money or any other
   39  thing of value is prohibited on and after July 1, 2021.
   40         (b) The failure to conduct live greyhound racing after June
   41  30, 2021, does not constitute grounds to revoke or deny other
   42  gaming licenses to a person that is a greyhound permitholder on
   43  November 6, 2018.
   44         (c) The prohibition on wagering on the outcome of a dog
   45  race shall take effect July 1, 2021.