CRC - 2017                                                  P 53
       By Commissioner Kruppenbacher
       kruppenbf-00076-17                                      201753__
    1                        A proposal to create                       
    2         a new section in Article I of the State Constitution
    3         to establish that every person is guaranteed certain
    4         rights and responsibilities as a patient in a health
    5         care facility in this state and to require the
    6         Legislature to enact a Patients’ Bill of Rights by
    7         general law.
    9  Be It Proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission of
   10  Florida:
   12         A new section is added to Article I of the State
   13  Constitution to read:
   14                              ARTICLE I                            
   15                        DECLARATION OF RIGHTS                      
   16         Patients’ Bill of Rights.—
   17         (a) Every person is guaranteed certain rights and
   18  responsibilities as a patient in a health care facility in this
   19  state. A patient is guaranteed transparency in healthcare
   20  including, but not limited to, medical service, medical costs,
   21  and all medical information necessary in order for the patient,
   22  guardian, or designated representative of the patient to make
   23  informed decisions regarding the course of treatment.
   24         (b) By general law, the legislature shall prescribe and
   25  adopt a Patients’ Bill of Rights that, in clear and concise
   26  language, sets forth a patient’s rights and responsibilities and
   27  a health care provider’s responsibilities to provide
   28  transparency in healthcare.