CRC - 2017                                                  P 31
       By Commissioner Donalds
       donaldse-00024-17                                       201731__
    1                        A proposal to repeal                       
    2         Section 7 of Article VI of the State Constitution to
    3         remove the requirement that a method of public
    4         financing for campaigns for statewide office be
    5         established by law.
    7  Be It Proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission of
    8  Florida:
   10         Section 7 of Article VI of the State Constitution is
   11  repealed:
   12                             ARTICLE VI                            
   13                       SUFFRAGE AND ELECTIONS                      
   14         SECTION 7. Campaign spending limits and funding of
   15  campaigns for elective state-wide office.—It is the policy of
   16  this state to provide for state-wide elections in which all
   17  qualified candidates may compete effectively. A method of public
   18  financing for campaigns for state-wide office shall be
   19  established by law. Spending limits shall be established for
   20  such campaigns for candidates who use public funds in their
   21  campaigns. The legislature shall provide funding for this
   22  provision. General law implementing this paragraph shall be at
   23  least as protective of effective competition by a candidate who
   24  uses public funds as the general law in effect on January 1,
   25  1998.