CRC - 2017                                                  P 12
       By Commissioner Timmann
       timmannc-00016-17                                       201712__
    1                         A proposal to amend                       
    2         Section 19 of Article X of the State Constitution to
    3         delete an obsolete provision regarding the development
    4         of a high speed ground transportation system.
    6  Be It Proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission of
    7  Florida:
    9         Section 19 of Article X of the State Constitution is
   10  amended, and present sections 20 through 29 of that article are
   11  renumbered as sections 19 through 28, respectively, to read:
   12                              ARTICLE X                            
   13                            MISCELLANEOUS                          
   14         SECTION 19. High speed ground transportation system.—To
   15  reduce traffic congestion and provide alternatives to the
   16  traveling public, it is hereby declared to be in the public
   17  interest that a high speed ground transportation system
   18  consisting of a monorail, fixed guideway or magnetic levitation
   19  system, capable of speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour, be
   20  developed and operated in the State of Florida to provide high
   21  speed ground transportation by innovative, efficient and
   22  effective technologies consisting of dedicated rails or
   23  guideways separated from motor vehicular traffic that will link
   24  the five largest urban areas of the State as determined by the
   25  Legislature and provide for access to existing air and ground
   26  transportation facilities and services. The Legislature, the
   27  Cabinet and the Governor are hereby directed to proceed with the
   28  development of such a system by the State and/or by a private
   29  entity pursuant to state approval and authorization, including
   30  the acquisition of right-of-way, the financing of design and
   31  construction of the system, and the operation of the system, as
   32  provided by specific appropriation and by law, with construction
   33  to begin on or before November 1, 2003.